Friday, January 19, 2007

Evie Haskell - CD Cover Shoot!

Evie's Up-coming dates:

March 11th - 6 pm Music Appreciation Dinner.
March 16th - 7-9 pm "To Love is to Share" House of Ruth Benefit

Evie Haskell, on her Moments In Time Photography experience...

My name is Evie Haskell, and I’m from Portland, Oregon. I recently graduated from college with a degree in music. Since last May, I’ve been teaching private music lessons, as well as pursuing a songwriting career. While I was gearing up for my first album release, I realized there were so many more details than I was aware of! One of these details: photographs. I am always in need of photographs, whether it be for a head shot, a flier for an upcoming event, a website, or photos for my CD inserts. I was so blessed when Moments in Time offered to contribute to the cause!

I actually did my photo shoot while I was home sick with mononucleosis. My mom and I weren’t sure what to expect; we simply brought piles of clothing, accessories, and had my hair and makeup done. When we arrived, we were greeted by the friendly faces of the MIT staff, who proceeded to help us leaf through the piles of clothing and give us tips on which outfits to use. It was so laid-back….even for someone like me, who doesn’t necessarily love having photos taken of herself.

I really appreciated the wide variety of photos taken. Some photos were more formal, while others were casual and fun. My favorites are probably the ones of me walking and smiling. Bryan had me walking back and forth down the parking lot, either smiling or just being silly. I feel that, in the time we had, we captured the “different sides of Evie”.

I would recommend anyone to Moments In Time Photography looking for quality, professional-looking portraits for any occasion! Thank you, MIT, for making my photo experience an enjoyable one!

Make sure to visit Evie's website: CLICK HERE

Thanks for the kind words! We can't wait to start working on your next CD cover shoot, Cheers, MIT